The Ballad of Never After: the stunning sequel to the Sunday Times bestseller Once Upon A Broken Heart

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The Ballad of Never After: the stunning sequel to the Sunday Times bestseller Once Upon A Broken Heart

The Ballad of Never After: the stunning sequel to the Sunday Times bestseller Once Upon A Broken Heart

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This book had things that surprised me, magic/fairytale vibes that dazzled me, and such high stakes that I read this book so fast. I had to put this book down MULTIPLE times because I couldn’t stop SCREAMING AND KICKING MY FEET (AND WANTING TO TAKE MY OWN CLOTHES OFF BECAUSE ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Owing to his betrayal in the previous book, Evangeline initially distrusts Jacks and regards him with a healthy dose of suspicion.

They remain mostly unread because their words change each time they are opened due to the story curse that hides the truth about the Valor Arch. She finds herself in a cage in Chaos’s castle, where Jacks and Chaos tell her they will let her be bitten by a vampire to heal her from her wounds.Well, not the puppy kicking, I am thoroughly against that but the teasing in this book is off the charts. Fortunately, The Ballad of Never After did not suffer this for, for it proved to be just as good, if not better, than Once upon a Broken Heart. With the story curse itself watching, Jacks screams in the sort of pain witnessed only once a century. Jacks argues back bitterly, finally unveiling the ending to the Ballad of the Acher and the Fox, that he tried to leave the fox, unsure if his feelings were real or just the curse’s effect, and that the fox had chased him, sure his love for her would fight the curse. and beyond that, it’s such a beautiful thing to see little fragments of yourself in the characters you love.

She takes it with her and goes back to her room, where she sees Petra secretly leaving Jacks’s room, but when she goes to check in on him, he is not there.Hate because I was bawling my eyes out throughout this book, and let’s just say I thought I was prepared for the ending, because I knew what was gonna happen, but I wasn’t it was so heartbreaking. oMl- Help I was actually so excited for this book like I nearly had a heart attack when I saw it on the shelves. One of Vengeance Slaughterwood with his unnamed bride-to-be, another one of Vengeance with his second bride, and then one of a trio of men, one of which, to her surprise, is Jacks. He will not hear of her worries about Jacks, proclaiming Jacks cannot be trusted as he is the one who put both of them in such danger. He summons her now, and as Evangeline meets him, he is revealed to be Luc, Evangeline’s first love, who tried to marry her stepsister and was turned into a vampire by the vampire lord Chaos.

She actually makes semi-rational decisions, but she also was apparently really dumb according to my updates where I said she was dumb like twice. This book started right where Once Upon a Broken Heart (which I will be referring to as ouabh from now on) left off. The secret to staying in love is having someone who will catch you when you start to fall out of it. At first, he seems in control and almost tender, but then he suddenly rushes her and starts to choke her.Sure, he makes ahem *questionable* choices throughout this book, but they were all because he cared about Evangeline. followed shortly thereafter by “I can’t believe I have to probably wait at least a year to find out what happens next.

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