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Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth

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Seeing Hanna finally getting help, really seeing the true side of Suzette not wanting to have Hanna around again. When Rosie and Penn and their four boys welcome the newest member of their family, no one is surprised it's another baby boy. He didn’t see what she did, and she could never tell him what was really wrong—that it had all been a mistake: She didn’t know how to be a mother; why had that ever seemed like a good idea?

I've lost track of all the tests, but she takes them, seems to think they're fun — but she won't say a word. There was a plot point about Alex looking like a “Scandinavian Devil” with a beard, which really played well with a highly disturbing scene in which Hanna pretended the ‘Devil’ was having sex with her. But in the thick of motherhood's exhausting early days, Blythe becomes convinced that something is wrong with her daughter - she doesn't behave like most children do. On the way home, Hanna saw that her mother seemed too happy, so she put the next stage of her plan into action. I also thought that the book was well-written and described each family member's view as accurately as I can only imagine.Stage works in the right amount of detail and eeriness to allow the book to exist as a film-style novel, and the ending absolutely works as your perfect Hollywood cliffhanger. However, when Alex came home, Hanna had twisted her own arm so that bruises appeared, and when he saw them, he was furious with Suzette. If the couple was less spineless – the father more aware, the mother less prone to over wrought self-blaming. The characters didn't develop besides the father actually opening his eyes to the situation, the mother and daughter pretty much are the same person from beginning to end. She'd woken up one morning feeling as if she was sleeping on a brick, but the mass had been in her own belly, a pool of waste that needed to be drained.

She often misbehaved so she could be sent to the Quiet Room, her refuge from the other annoying children. I think that is why I found this book to very chilling, disturbing, and enthralling – because the stories that scare me the most are the ones that present a very possible reality.This tightly plotted, expertly choreographed tale unfolds in alternating chapters from the perspectives of Hanna and Suzette. It wasn’t the best choice for me, being caught up, on one hand, in a highly emotionally struggle with my aging mother that I had just decided to walk away from. The room in the hospital’s dungeon carried the threat of needles and smelled like lemon candies tinged with poison. She didn't need any reminders of those lonely and disgusting years, of the enemy within or her own mother's deadly indifference. I have books that I have finished reading instead of listening too because the story was fantastic, but I could not stand the narrators' voice to get through the first chapter.

With rich characters, high-stakes and a naturally compelling driving conflict, this novel begs to be read — quickly. Despite the increasing prevalence of stay-at-home dads, a bad-seed novel in which a father’s insight into his child is superior to the mother’s doesn’t yet seem to exist. If it were me, I don’t think I could have coped with a child that claimed to be possessed by a centuries-old French witch, or the tricks she was constantly playing.Hanna also knows that her silence anguishes her mother, which is an added bonus; although Hanna adores her father, who believes she can do no wrong, she despises Suzette and torments her at every turn. Baby Teethis another novel I kept seeing at the library and floating across my facebook feed in various bookworm groups. Most free hours are spent crocheting with my cat (in his presence - he sadly does not crochet), reading, and writing reviews.

The daughter is definitely creepy, but it just didn't grip me or give me chills, or give me enough suspense. She’d expected her heavy-duty medication—an injectable biological drug—to eliminate the worst of her Crohn’s symptoms. It made the tender part in her abdomen twist and squeal in protest and she fanned her fingers, trying to make herself relax.I listen and read A LOT OF BOOKS, in a typical week I can finish a minimum of 5 books, and probably start at least another 5.

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