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The Blacktongue Thief

The Blacktongue Thief

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Much of the world-building, particularly the history of the world and the magic system, is told through Kinch’s inner monologues or through direct speech between characters. Those statues will be carved from ash or hickory, with generous breasts on the goddesses and unthreatening pillicocks on the gods, except Haros, who will be hung like the stag he is, because everyone knows he screws the moon so hard she has to sink beneath the hills and rest from it. I had to pay closer attention to tags to figure out who was speaking because I couldn’t always tell by the voices alone. Parte de la construcción del mundo, como la historia del mundo o su sistema mágico, se cuenta a través de los monólogos internos de Kinch o mediante el diálogo directo entre los personajes. She had a round shield on her back, a gorget to save her throat a cutting, and if I didn’t miss my guess, she wore light chain mail under her shirt.

At my back, I had a nasty spike of a rondel dagger, good to punch through mail, but against that sword in that woman’s hand, not to mention the fucking bird, it might as well have been a twig. I’d highly recommend this to those who loved my suggested reading below, particularly the Greatcoats series by de Castell. Joining Galva on her quest to save a missing Queen, but with a secret sideline of his own, Kinch knows the only way out is through… If he survives at all. There are just so many things to love in this book, and the entire section involving the Towers card game was equally hilarious, breathtaking, and superbly executed.

As he weaves his way through a world of magic and betrayal surrounded mostly by those who are self-serving, there are some hilarious moments, but a depth to the story as well that goes beyond humour and shows the humanity of our characters. Walked off with it while a mate argued with a music student about whether his singing at a tavern had been in key. One of the most impressive novels I've read in a long time— clever, imaginative, and extremely well written.

Although to me, it won't quite be a best of the year read, it is an admirable and thrilling fantasy debut for Buehlman who has a lot to offer to the world of modern fantasy. To walk alone down the White Road through the Forest of Orphans, even on a pleasantly warm late-summer day in the month of Ashers, you would have to be a magicker. I found myself laughing out loud many times and I love that blind cat even more, after I heard the narrator's "Rao.His take on the world is also very much appreciated as this is one of the grimmest of the Grimdark fantasy novels I've ever read and without his humor, it would have been a tough read. La sombría severidad de todos los eventos se compensa con el humor negro de Kinch, que se materializa como bromas en general internas entre el narrador y el lector. Prefiero no decir nada del resto es que joder es para disfrutarlo de verdad mi recomendación preciadas amistades si os fiais es que no solo lo metáis en la saca o lo subáis puestos, leedlo en cuanto podáis. Los otros del grupo no os los revelo pero tb caen simpáticos y empatizas con ellos en cuanto aparecen.

This was a world full of rich culture too, from the Spanth, Norholter, and Galtish races each with their own distinct language, accent, beliefs, and Gods. If everybody’s wearing clean linen and silk and looking down at you squirming in your bassinet, you’ll have a very different life than if the first thing you see when you open your eyes is a billy goat. As it stands, the character voice and witty humor were enough to carry the book and make it incredibly fun to read despite the lack of aforementioned development or any sort of momentum. Kinch Na Shannack owes the Takers Guild a small fortune for his education as a thief, which includes (but is not limited to) lock-picking, knife-fighting, wall-scaling, fall-breaking, lie-weaving, trap-making, plus a few small magics. Whether what follows after was the work of ill-luck, fate or forced by unseen hands is questionable, but our poor Kinch lands himself in more trouble than he ever bargained for.The Spanth would have to stand to meet their charge, and when she did, I would stick her through the knee. I also had that warm-heart feeling when you know you’ve shot true—if you haven’t handled a bow, I can’t explain it. The story follows Kinch Na Shannack, a trained thief whose prestigious tutelage has earned him an immense debt to The Taker’s Guild. The Blacktongue Thief is the fantasy debut by Cristopher Buehlman, although he has previously published a few horror works.

But where this world of beasts and magic delivers a couple awesome moments, sadly, its very minimal character build up and constant thrown together scenes that left no air to breathe between and no motivation to continue, I feel as though it never quite rises to the lofty goals it sets for itself. It seemed to me the main character was in the exact same state of mind at the end of the book as he was at the beginning. He can pay off his debt by doing jobs for the Guild but at the start of the book, Kinch and the group of thieves he travels with have chosen the wrong mark.

La voz de Kinch encuentra un equilibrio entre la sensatez y la sabiduría, diálogos muy ágiles, de calidad, sarcasticos y sucintos para transmitir sus mensajes.

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