Morningwood: Everybody Loves Large Chests (Vol.1)

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Morningwood: Everybody Loves Large Chests (Vol.1)

Morningwood: Everybody Loves Large Chests (Vol.1)

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He also holds this attitude toward Demons as a whole, as besides being his "children," their popping into existence at all was a completely accidental and unforeseen byproduct of what The Beyond's intended purpose was. Violence is the Only Option: Almost all conflicts in the story are resolved through a vigorous application of lethal force. Without him, Boxxy would have been killed by the much more cautious adventurers who came after him and none of the rest of the story would have even happened. Cosmic Plaything: Once she is revealed to be the Hero of Chaos, she will readily rail against the God of Uncertain Outcomes' constant and overt interference in her life, citing that she has to deal with any of her actions possibly causing death and destruction wherever she goes. So after the character finally got abused to a point where she started considering suicide, the rest of the book just stopped being as amusing.

The strongest variety, Rejuvenation, can literally regrow entire limbs and instantly bring them back up to full strength, but shave a couple years off of your life expectancy. He discovers a lone chest in the dungeon, goes to open it up and gets eaten by a mimic, and this occurs in the last two sentences of the Prologue. Talking to Themself: One of her "perks" from the Lord of Dice Rolls allows her to have potentially multiple copies of her mind share her brain. From there the story revolves around watching Boxxy grow into a fully sapient monster with a Horror Hunger to match.Taboo causes any religiously-aligned mortals to instinctively loathe those with the skill, with the revulsion getting worse with higher ranks. Psychic Powers: The basis of his abilities as a Psionic, involving various flavors of telekinesis and Telepathy. Fusion Dance: Our main chest eventually unlocks a spell that lets it fuse with its demonic familiars for a short span of time, which is supposed to grant the caster the strengths of the demon and boot its soul back to the Beyond. And that's before considering that that Ritual to summon them doesn't actually make the Overlord treat the Warlock as a friend, much less bind it to the Warlock's service.

However, he has been known to get heated up when his comrades are in peril, going so far as to challenge a demonic Overlord head-on and actually putting up a decent fight. Magic Knight: He is a unusually large man who is both very knowledgeable about Warlock spells and is proficient with melee combat, to the surprise of those manage to get up close to him. For two, learning a crafting skill turned out to be both time consuming, and shiny-costing, forcing Boxxy to take up some quests now again, which wasn’t all that bad, for he got to consume corpses afterwards, and get more gold for it. When the lich Nasty tried to subvert its will, she failed because she thought that the gigantic structure in its mind was a fortress protecting its ego, when it was the ego itself; it will throw out anything or anyone that is not shiny or tasty. Boxxy winds up losing its life to another changeling, named Wardrobzilla, who ensnared it by looking like a ridiculously easy target.

This, plus her burgeoning desire to collect "war trophies" from past battles, is likely what kick-started her transition from being a Wrath-focused fiend to an entirely new species, the Greed-focused Hoarder. Armed with his grandfather's trusty longsword and the dream of being the strongest, he sets out on the journey of a lifetime! This logical decision to tidy up has sent the snowball rolling, levels gained, abilities unlocked, decisions more complex than going after food getting made, and even a very beautiful summoned companion mimic could, at the very least, eat up while bored. It wasn't until the Calamity of Monotal happened, however, that it hit critical mass, as the massive resentment and sorrow from the incident itself, combined with the massive abortion of justice that led to the following war, resulted in Teresa becoming completely corrupted by hatred and lies. Dryads are seldom seen, if ever, because they spend thousands of years at a time asleep until something rouses them, but once awake they're so powerful that appealing to their wants and needs is a good way to get an eternally protective ally, and angering them is likely to be the last mistake you'll ever make.

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